Unit 9 / 10 Hook Street, Capalaba QLD 

Floor Preparation

- Floor Grinding

Prior to tiles or floorboards being installed, the concrete beneath can be rough, uneven and even have paint or epoxies on it. 

Preparing the floors prior to the application of tiles is the single biggest way to ensure the longevity of the floors.

At Da Vinci Flooring Systems we can scale up to meet the demands of any project and ensure every job is completed to the highest standard with a focus on cusotmer satisfaction.

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- Floor Levelling

The most common problem with all kinds of hard surface flooring, are areas where the flooring sinks, squeeks, or bounces when walking over them, due to floor leveling negligence.

Our experienced team at Da Vinci Flooring Systems understand this and work with you every step of the way to ensure a professional and fuss free experience.

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- Water Proofing

Waterproofing ensures that the bathroom remains dry a few minutes after one uses it and ensures that molds do not form in the bathroom area.

This is a very important part of tiling as without waterproofing, the house will start crazing and cracking thus it will not last for long. 

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