Unit 9 / 10 Hook Street, Capalaba QLD 

Epoxy Flooring

- Anti-graffiti coatings

Graffiti vandalism costs business time and money and may deter customers from entering your premises.

Anti-Graffiti Coatings ensure that any acts of graffiti vandalism can be wiped away with ease. These coatings also prevent long-term structural damage from occurring to bricks, concrete and other delicate materials.

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- Polyurethane floors

Available in clear or in a range of colours polyurethane can create a hard wearing surface to protect or beautify your concrete floor.

Often used in external applications polyurethanes are UV stable and resist discolouration unlike some epoxy resins.

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- Plain epoxy


 Epoxy floors provides a hard wearing and durable surface with little to no maintenance. Resistant to day to day wear and tear as well as most chemicals it also comes in a large range of colours to suit any work place.

Available in solvent or water based versions depending on personal requirements.

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- Non-slip & safety

when safety is paramount you can’t take any chances.

Meeting Australian standards in public use and work place areas is serious business and here at Da Vinci Projects we don't mess around. Get in touch with our professional and experienced team for a quality outcome.

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- Decorative epoxy floors

Decorative epoxy floors are many and varied and can be custom made to order, the designs and colour combinations are endless. Our friendly and experienced team will assist you in every aspect of apoxy flooring, delivering a fuss free experience for you.

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