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- Anti-graffiti coatings

Graffiti vandalism costs business time and money and may deter customers from entering your premises.

Anti-Graffiti Coatings ensure that any acts of graffiti vandalism can be wiped away with ease. These coatings also prevent long-term structural damage from occurring to bricks, concrete and other delicate materials.

 There two main types of Anti-graffiti products on the market

  1. Non-sacrificial Coating

Non-sacrificial Coatings create a protective barrier preventing the graffiti getting into the pores of the substrate making removal easer. These come in many forms depending on application, we generally recommend water based low VOC products where possible.

  1. Sacrificial Coating

Sacrificial coatings as the name suggests are sacrificed when the graffiti is removed and will need to be replaced when the graffiti is removed.

Contact us for sound professional advice on selection, application and removal. Our friendly and professional team provide outstanding workmanship and punctuality.