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Concrete Cleaning & Sealing

- Dustproofing and hardening

Using a product known as a Densifier either at time of lay or after unexpected rain can improve surface hardness of most concrete surfaces. Improved wear resistance and longevity will save you a small fortune in the future if done correctly right from the start.


Prematurely worn concrete can be expensive to rectify, by using concrete densifiers in areas like warehouse floors, car parks and any area that may get excessive wear from vehicles or pedestrians will save you big buck later down the track.

Densifiers work by combining with the available calcium hydroxide in the concrete to form a crystal, this crystal fills in the voids in the surface of the concrete to make it denser. By reducing the porosity of the concrete, it tends to repel stains and increase wearability.

There are many and varied applications for the use of densifiers and our team have the experience and knowledge for the best possible result.